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YesterdayAfter is the name of my Design Studio & Atelier born out of my  love for Art,  Design, Antiques, Vintage and Nature.
Inspiration and creativity lead my desire to discover beautiful things from the past,
bring  them back to shine with a eye to the future in a new repurposed life, placing design and elements that will create authentic Fine Art and memories to treasure.
Repurpose, salvage and transforming in unique One of a Kind creations is the  focus of  YesterdayAfter  Atelier.

I am an Artist Designer and in my home based little corner that I call my  Atelier is where I can dream and design all my creations, bringing to life unique limited edition handcrafted Jewelry, Accessories and maybe in the future one of a kind Garments reflecting my past experience and love for Fashion Design.

It is also my Art Studio where I love to paint with watercolors, create illustrations, doodlewashes , sketches and digital artworks.

I also enjoy Poetry and I write poems when they comes to me, also Haiku and 50 words stories are part of my creativity in writing

Interior Design is another of my great interests applied to the guiding principle of giving new life to old things, it’s oriented to restore, painting and re-finish antique and old furniture and decor objects, vintage items and unique  founds.

I strongly believe in “Dreams”, creativity and passion for a work of art that lead the authenticity and uniqueness  in all my creations from beginning to finish.



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With Art and Soul…

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