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Week #7- Meet and Greet Fridays…


Week #7 – MEET and GREET Fridays…

Hello dear friends,

This is already the week #7 of our Meet and Greet Fridays, great Blogs left their links here week after week and has been great so far to discover new ones.

If you had the chance to read my yesterday post you know that I got a Great News this week, and it is great for all of us I love to share it with you! If haven’t read my post I suggest you to please do it! 😉

I hope that you had some time to visit the Blogs that are new to you. I did and I came across to very nice Blogs and enjoyed to engage with new friends and follow 😉

If you are new here I remind you to visit the two Events dedicated Home Pages linked into this post where you can read all the amazing details about my Blog Events!

After reading come back here and please leave a comment below including the link to your Blog!

Everyone is Welcome!

This event is the way that you can discover other Blogs and others can be able to discover yours!
Every Friday I link this post to the Meet and Greet Fridays Home Page to fill in the Archive where you can come back anytime to check out all the Blogs that left their links week after week.

Meet and Greet Fridays is connected to the  And Featured ismonthly event that takes place here on YesterdayAfter each second Saturday of the month.
The event jump started on March 12 and will go on until December.  A new “Featured of the Month” would be chosen by me between all the links left during the month on the Meet and Greet Fridays weekly sessions! We already have two great Feature so far check out the featured Archive!

Featured Image -- 2371

Thank you so much for your participation the more we are is the better!

If you want this chance to Introduce your Blog,
meet other amazing bloggers,
and have the opportunity to be selected and introduced as The Featured of the Month please leave a comment with your link!

Have a wonderful Meet and Greet!

And always thank you for sharing the love! ❤



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