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Preview! – My Holidays ART Cards

– Limited Edition Christmas Cards Set – Preview!

🎄My Christmas Cards set of 5 cards is now ready!

Hello friends,
These collectible cards are from my “Holidays Art Series” I will post more photos and details soon for now enjoy this preview mini video that I ‘ve posted on Instagram and if anyone is interested let me know soon, since there is not too much time, I am accepting Pre-Orders! Contact me ♥️ or leave me a comment down in the comment section that you’re interested! 🙂

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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Thank You!
Thank You!

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#WorldWatercolorGroup, Art, Challenge, Creativity, Drawings, Events, Fantasy Art, Holidays, Holidays Art, Illustration, Ink Drawing, Limited Edition, Sketch, Uncategorized, Watercolors, Winter Wonderland, World Watercolor Group

Special SALE! – My Holidays ART Series Prints

– Open Edition Signed Mini Prints and Sets –

Day #3 Candies, Turtle Dove –

❤ Hello dear friends  hope this post find you all well, The Holidays Season is just behind the door! ❤

This post feature my “Holidays ART Collection” and a “Special Offer for you” please read the whole post.
I have decided to release only 6 paintings that I have carefully selected. They are beautiful to combine together as they were painted with the same color palette that’s why I also offer a “Set” of three prints for a very special price, if you have your eyes on any of these prints take vantage of this opportunity and if you purchase One Print I offer FREE Shipping within USA and International! 

I think this is the best time to release my Winter Holidays Art Collection which is now available as “Open Edition Signed Mini Prints” I am actually also preparing a set of Christmas Cards for this series, I will post them as soon they are ready!

The Magic Of Wintmas! ©Carolina Russo

Last year
I have created a Series of Holidays themed watercolor paintings participating to a wonderful Winter Art Challenge. The Series was a success and I had many compliments and lots of requests, but cause timing last year this Series has never been released or sold in any form, because by the time the challenge was completed in December was too late for selling prints. I’ve decided to postpone and plan the release earlier for this year Holidays Season!
Right now the time is right, if you’re interested in ordering any of these prints for yourself or for gifts to your loved ones order them now or it wont be enough time!
Prints are available for purchase as “Single Mini Print” or as “Set of 3 Mini Prints” of your choice, for a special price!

> Open Edition Signed  Fine Art Mini Prints is now available to order right here! Look at the bottom of this Post you find the >>> Order Form!

❤ Price and Details
Each Prints would be Hand Embellished with gold and silver inks and hand signed!
Printed on quality heavy paper by me in my studio.
❤ Prints Size:  5 x 7 inches (approx. 13 x 18 cm) Special Price is $16 Free Shipping within USA and International!
❤ ❤ ❤ SPECIAL Set: of 3 Prints size 5×7 inches Special Price is $39 + $3 Shipping domestic and International.
❤ How to Order: Each prints you see here has a title, please leave your selection in the order form comments box.

When you purchase Prints here on my Shop you “Fully Support My Art” there are not hidden fees or middlemen, as an Independent Artist I am on my own and your support means everything to me! If you have any question prior your order please don’t hesitate to contact me.

❤ ❤ ❤ HOLIDAYS ART SERIES > select your Single Print or the Special Set of 3 Prints (choose the 3 prints you want for your Set)!
Click on the images to see them enlarged!

These mini Prints are beautiful and a collectible series that will bring the magic of Christmas and Holidays in any home and some of them are beautiful out all year round not just for Christmas I have my “Christmas Love Angel”  framed beautifully on my wall all year, you see it in the photo below! ❤

Ready to Order? Follow these 4 steps:
1) Fill in the Order Form
2) I will send you via email a PayPal Invoice as order confirmation
3) When you receive the Invoice proceed with your payment on PayPal
4) When payment is cleared and Print is ready I will ship and notify you.

ORDER Form (required)

Thank you for your Order and your support!


You can see all the 13 paintings of this Collection anytime,  visit my Wintmas 2017  GALLERY

Wintmas 2017 – Christmas Love Angels ©CarolinaRusso

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Have a wonderful day!

Thank You!
Thank You!

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Art For Music Series! – New Release: Plike Portrait


Plike – Art For Music Series – Original Ink Drawing ©Carolina Russo


New release! Plike Portrait

Today post feature the release of my new ink drawing, a portrait part of my Collection Series “ART FOR MUSIC” a series inspired by music artists reflecting my passion for music. In this series I create artworks using several media, traditional watercolor paintings, ink drawings, digital art, photo manipulation and any other media that will inspire my creations. At the same time this art series is a feature for the music artists here on my Blog.

This is the portrait of Mad Madam Emalso known for her solo project Plike she is an American electronic music producer and composer, Em creates  unique beautiful mysterious, haunting and dark music,  she is also the sound designer music composer for the upcoming independent video game “Momo Ichigo” Em is also creating music for Independent Film. At the moment she is working on her fifth EP that would be released in July 2017. I can’t wait to listen what she is creating!

Plike – Art For Music Series – Original Ink Drawing ©Carolina Russo

Plike – Photo Credit ©Daniel Lopez

This is the photo of Em “Plike” that inspired my Portrait!
Em is also working on a collaboration with music composer Ewian Christensen,  who follows me remember that I often featured Ewian music and recently I had a Blog post as my interview with him and mentioned their future collaboration.

Plike – Original Ink Drawing ©Carolina Russo

This portrait is an ink drawing. I have made a pencil sketch first and worked over with the ink pens this is not like my usual watercolor painting it is all black ink. I love the minimalism and contrast of the black ink on the white paper with a touch of precious gold ink between the hair and filled in the background’s oval shape. I loved drawing this portrait while listening to Em music and I hope I was able to deliver the spirit and essence of Plike if you like to discover her music, you can visit her website where you find the links to her YouTube channel and Bandcamp.

Special Limited Edition Hand Embellished Fine Art Prints:
This portrait is available in a very Limited Special Edition of #25 prints hand embellished with gold ink to get the closest real effect to the original. Prints are numbered and hand signed, size 8×10 inches unframed and unmatted, printed by me in my studio on heavy acid free paper.  Price is $40 + $8 Shipping via USPS Priority Mail within US for International shipping contact me first. If you are a Plike fan or like to reserve one of these beautiful fan art prints, just fill in the form Shop Art Prints  for preorder here on my Blog! If you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact me.

***When these 25 prints are sold out there will never be another “Hand Embellished” prints run.

❤ I just got a wonderful surprise because this! ❤

Plike love this portrait so much that she wants to have it hanging in her music studio and it make me really happy! She just wrote a wonderful post on her Website Featuring me there I am so grateful of such kindness!

You can read her post here : Artist Carolina Russo releases limited edition Plike portrait in Art For Music series

Plike Feature me on plikemusic.com

Amazing things happens while sharing our talents and art! Thank you Em for featuring me!

Details about my ink drawing:
 I Sketched on a mixed media large sketchbook size 9 x 11 inches and I used a  Draft/Matic Pencil  0.3mm  Mab Graves Limited Edition by ALVIN. Black ink pen used COPIC Multiliner 0.03 

You can see more of my Paintings visiting my  GALLERY  there are several Galleries you find them in the drop down menu under Watercolors.

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Have a great week!

Thank You!

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