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cropped-day-13.jpgI am pleased and very thankful that you are here!

YesterdayAfter  is my Design Studio & Atelier where my art evolves. Here you find unique Limited Edition and One of a Kind creations in my style. My creativity extends to Watercolor painting,  Jewelry and Fashion Design, Illustration, Photography, Digital Art, Custom Digital Portraits, Art For Music, Poetry and more…
The intent of this Blog is to share my Art with the world, interact with other Artists, inspire others, give support and spread love. It is also the place where you can purchase all my Jewelry Designs, my Watercolor paintings, Limited Edition Fine Art Prints and illustrations. Here you can find my Art creations in all the mediums that I like to work with, for info and commissions, Contact me or visit my  Blog or my Shop

I am the artist, editor, designer and photographer behind this website.
Please bookmark! I would love for you to visit back…

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