Feedback to my Art

Day #22 - Lighthouse (Rhode Island) - Original Watercolor ©Carolina Russo

Lighthouse (Rhode Island) – Original Watercolor ©Carolina Russo

Welcome to my “Feedback Page
this is the place where you can leave feedback to my art and work especially if you have purchased, or already own any of my Paintings, Illustrations, Jewelry and any kind of my artwork creations! Please if you feel that you love my Art and it makes you happy,  I would love to read your feedback in the comments!

Your comments means a lot to me. My aim in my art is to create emotions and make people feel…It makes me very happy to know how my art make you feel!
As I chose to pursuit my dream, I become a full-time Independent Artist, I make my living in this world solely from the support of the people buying my Art in every form I create!
Your support, encouragement and every purchase of my creations means everything to me!

Here below there are just few of many precious comments that I’ve received on the Blog and on other social media platforms as feedback of  my recent work!


The Twilight Sad - Original Watercolor-Ink ©Carolina Russo

The Twilight Sad – Original Watercolor-Ink ©Carolina Russo

❤ Hey Carolina, I got the artwork today and it looks fantastic! Very nice work! I’m excited for it to grace the walls of my guitar room!
– Matt W.  (Copeland Guitars – Texas)

❤ Thank you so much Carolina! I received it today! You are so very talented!! Again, Thank You! I love it! Thank you again!
– Donna S. (Georgia)

❤ I received the print yesterday, its beautiful 😍. I’ll post a pic when I get the frame. Thank you!
– Giselle C. (California)

❤ Artwork arrived today 😱❣️👌🏻 this is really awesome 😍 Thxx you so much. Now I should find a frame😊
– Stephan S.  (Germany)

❤ Thank you so much, it’s even more beautiful than I could imagine!
– Kathryn G. (Scotland)




Day #9 - BROKEN - InkTober 2016 ©Carolina Russo

Day #9 – BROKEN – InkTober 2016 ©Carolina Russo


Believe me, Carolina, I am so happy that I may have this beautiful and precious piece you created. As we said, it means even more since we both have a strong relation to that topic. What I love about this is the positive message that stands above the broken heart caused by love. In the end, it is love that heals and lifts you up to higher spheres. 💖
Erika Kind (Liechtenstein)

How a Broken Heart Can Make Me Happy!
(Erika Blog Post)





Lighthouse -Original Watercolor ©Carolina Russo

Lighthouse -Original Watercolor ©Carolina Russo

Her attention to detail and the love and care she puts into every piece,
even down to the very personal and individual package received is exemplary.

Thank you Carolina.
Rich aka whafflemethis (Scotland)

A poem “The Lighthouse” Inspired by your artwork.
The Lighthouse 
(Rich poem and Blog Post)


I love to hear from you!

I love to hear from you!

Thank You!

Thank You!

©Copyright Carolina Russo –



16 thoughts on “Feedback to my Art

  1. Oh, is this amazing, Carolina! I see how much these paintings mean to you and your appreciation for our appreciation is touching! I hope that many more paintings of yours are soon hanging on walls of the homes of our community 💖 💖

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  2. Fresh Waffles

    Hi Carolina, Thankyou again for the lighthouse print I purchased. What a wonderful piece it is, it makes me smile on a daily basis. As I’ve told you before, you’re a star😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi, Carolina! The painting “Katie the Writer” has become very dear to me. You have incorporated everything in my life that is important. You actually take the time to understand the person you are painting for so that you get the painting just right, which I think is wonderful. Not very many artists do that. Thank you again! I will definitely pass your name along if I know anybody who wants a piece of art done! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you so much Katie I am honored, and it was lovely to create the painting for you, very inspiring! This is what happens when you order a commission painting! 🙂 ❤ Thank you was lovely to create it for you!

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  4. A.S. Akkalon

    Hi Carolina, Thank you so much for the beautiful painting you made me. It’s a wonderful representation of how I see my writing at the moment, and such an inspiration every time I look at it. You’re welcome to come and visit me in the castle any time. 🙂 Alecia

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Alecia it make me so happy that you love the painting and that you feel inspired when you look at it! Thank you for chose me and for supporting my Art. I will sure visit you at your castle and…can I bring my dragon? 😉

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  5. Hi Carolina. The earrings are lovely, more beautiful than I imagined and I can’t wait to wear them.

    I have to mention the individualised packaging it came in. It was unexpected but very touching – I loved your handwritten note. 😊

    Thanks for the care and attention you put into your art and I’m thrilled to be wearing some of it. 😍💓

    Tessa (England, UK)

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