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cropped-day-13.jpgI am pleased and very thankful that you are here!

YesterdayAfter  is my Design Studio & Atelier where my art evolves. Here you find unique Limited Edition and One of a Kind creations in my style. My creativity extends to Watercolor painting,  Jewelry and Fashion Design, Illustration, Photography, Digital Art, Custom Digital Portraits, Art For Music, Poetry and more…
The intent of this Blog is to share my Art with the world, interact with other Artists, inspire others, give support and spread love. It is also the place where you can purchase all my  Watercolor paintings, Limited Edition Fine Art Prints, illustrations and my Jewelry Designs. Here you can find my Art creations in all the mediums that I like to work with, for info and commissions, Contact me or visit my  Blog or my Shop

I am also known as Carolina Russo Art and I am the artist, editor, designer and photographer behind this website.
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15 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi Carolina, Apologies, I put my comment in the wrong place! I admire your art very much but the truth of the matter is I have one son who is also a natural artist (but he doesn’t appreciate his own talent!) He ran his own web-site design company for ten years and is also a good photographer/book cover designer ( he has designed three of my own book covers). I appreciate how hard it is to make a living these days through most forms of art (no less writing!) but I’m sure you will MAKE IT. Best wishes. Joy x

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    1. Thank you so much Joy is great that your son has a natural art talent! And he found his own way through the web design is something I have experience too! I have designed my whole Blog and Shop that I have here. I have customized it for my needs as an artist! I also love to do digital art as another form of expression none the less I love photography and sometimes I write poems, Haiku and short stories when they are whispered to my soul! I love to create in many different ways also if my primary medium is watercolor painting! ❤ Good luck to you and your son and I hope to see you here again!


  2. Awesome site!. I loved your Design Studio & Atelier where your art evolves. I fond unique Limited Edition and One of a Kind creations in my style. I love your creativity. I am Aaditya founder of Exbloggingwhere I teach 1000s of bloggers how they can become a successful blogger. I have one suggestion for you. Never Take a Screenshot of an Instagram story. Because Instagram may notify the persons story. So, be aware. Well, once again I would like to say that you are an amazing artist.

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    1. Thank you Aaditya for stopping by my Blog and for your kind words! I am happy that you like my Art! About IG Screenshots yes I know about and I only screenshot my own stories if I want to post them! About others always give credit! As an artist I don’t want people to screenshot my artworks and post them without give credit to me! Thank you for your visit I will check out your blog too! 😉


  3. Great artwork mam i just admire your work i am a sort of an artist but not even 10 percent good as you are but you are almost an inspiration for me. I love how your artwork feels to be alive and shows and defines its existence of the creative imagination you have really love it mam. Hope to be like you one day

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