2017 InkTober 31 Days 31 Drawings!


October Challenge


31 Days 31 Drawings

Every October, artists all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month.

Anyone can do InkTober just pick up a pen and start drawing!

Hello everyone InkTober 2017 is behind the corner I can’t believe how fast time goes! Last year I loved to participate to this amazing challenge which gave me the opportunity to refine my sketchy skills and creativity!  During the event, following the “Official Prompt List” I have created a fantasy character her name is ©Ylia and I have illustrated her adventures inspired by the prompt words. If you follow me before last year, then you remember Ylia, here there is one of my 2016 InkTober entry so that you can see her, also if you like you can see all the other entries on my InkTober 2016  Gallery:

Day #17 – BATTLE – InkTober 2016 ©Carolina Russo

I loved to create Ylia, she is a futuristic kind of superhero- warrior with a nod to the past, she is also a Messenger of “Love and Peace” most of my drawings were accompanied by quotes or Haiku that I wrote. Maybe one day I will publish an illustrated book of @Ylia Adventures! We will see what the future brings! For now I just got the InkTober  2017 “Official Prompt list”  I don’t know yet what I would be creating, I need to brainstorm! This challenge is open to anyone that love sketching with ink pens but for the #worldwatercolorgroup we are free to add a dash of watercolor, I hope that someone of you will join me this year, you don’t have to be drawing every day if you can’t, you can do a drawing every other day, or every few days, or one entry a week! Doesn’t has to be a complicate drawing, it will help you to develop a habit and skills.

Here is the Story of this event: Illustrator Jake Parker is the creator of this great challenge and initiative started in October 2009. Jake  created InkTober as a challenge to improve his inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. It has since grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year. Here are the 2017 Official Rules:

Jake Parker Official Rules

I am very excited this year to join Jake once again and participate to this great challenge with artists all over the world! Sharing on the Blog and on Instagram @carolinarussoart I really would love to create all the 31 ink drawings but I think I wont have much time this year, because I would be participating also to another challenge event (I will tell you about this later on!) So I will pick all the prompts that inspire me to produce great drawings.

Visit Jake Parker website for more details, videos, inspiration and lots to learn. I exported here the Official prompt list for the month.

The Official 2017 InkTober Prompt List:

InkTober 2017 Official Prompt List

 If you like to join the challenge don’t forget when you post  to always add the hashtags #INKTOBER2017  #INKTOBER  and if you add watercolor hashtag  #worldwatercolorgroup post your ink drawing online on your Blog and/or on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…add all the tags to any place you share your drawings online!


I hope that my friends artists here on WordPress will join this challenge with me, that’s why I made this post early in advance so that you all can get prepared!

Now let’s get paper, inks, watercolor and have fun in October! ❤

Thank You!

Thank You!

©Copyright Carolina Russo – yesterdayafter.com

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38 thoughts on “2017 InkTober 31 Days 31 Drawings!

  1. Looking forward to seeing the creations Carolina, if the last couple of months is anything to go by 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Done! May it spur that creative spirit within 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Carolina! I like the sound of this challenge, so I think I shall be taking part this year! InkTober has a new recruit! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay Tom that’s wonderful welcome on board! It is a great challenge you will be happy to participate it help you to practice, develop skills and habit and motivation for daily sketches. I also use these challenges to produce my Limited Edition Collections and Series! 🙂 Looking forward to see you on game! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I can’t wait to see what you create for Inktober, Carolina 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I purchased one of these creative pieces of art, Inktober, and my daughter snatched it up right away and it now hangs in her apartment. Actually, I really brought for her. Carolina is a very spectacularly creative artist. Karen

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Karen for your nice words and for supporting my art! I remember the piece that you purchased! And I am so happy that it found a loving home in your daughter apartment! 🙂 ❤


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