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Meet and Greet Tuesday…

Forest Goddess – Original Watercolor ©Carolina Russo


Hello everyone what happened to all my friends? Are you guys still all here on the Blogosphere?

After a long time, I decided to host a Meet and Greet event….just to try to get all the Bloggers friends together and reconnect here!

At times, I miss the event that we enjoyed for far long each Friday, hosting weekly my meet and greet Fridays! So today please live a comment and not just a like tell us what are you up to lately so that we can all connect, or leave the link of your last post! And if you’re new here please briefly introduce your Blog! Read through the comments, engage and meet other awesome bloggers this is a great way for new bloggers to meet new friends!

❤ About me lately I have been busy creating my Art and full focused on it! Working on my watercolor series, Illustration collaborating with writers and working on commissions! That’s why I am posting a little bit less than my usual! At the moment I am having a Sale on my Etsy Shop for my Limited Edition Prints! Check it out! ❤

I am happy that today you found your way  here again if you are an old friend! And welcome if it is your first time on my Blog, thank you so much for stopping by I hope you will browse around and enjoy the visit!

Meet and Greet is a great time to connect with new and old Blogs! I also take the chance to give thank to all my “New Followers” and the ones that are still here following my journey! Thank You! ❤



I wish you a great rest of the week!


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Thank You!

© Copyright Carolina Russo – yesterdayafter.com

46 thoughts on “Meet and Greet Tuesday…”

  1. Hi Carolina! I’m still here but have lacked much time to create this summer, which makes me a bit sad. Getting ready for a vacation and hope to make up for lost time. I’ve still read my blogger friends’ posts each day, and I think your mermaid with the golden details was exquisite! 😘💖

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  2. Hi Carolina, I have a little more time than usual as am not back in Uni until the middle fo September. I am conentrating more on my blog than usual as I know it will get neglected again soon! I am glad to know that you are still busy with your creations. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Syl that’s great! And is awesome that you’re able to go to the U.S Blogger Bash I wish was closer to LA wish you great time! I am sure that you’re going to meet many friends! I would’ve loved to meet you well maybe someday in the future! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Marje for stopping by! I am happy that you took this opportunity to share your Blog and what you do! 😉 Congratulations for your new book and I am really happy to have collaborated with my illustration! Hugs! ❤

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