Photography – Plumeria Flower and a Painting Challenge! #worldwatercolorgroup

Plumerias ©Carolina Russo – Photography

Plumeria Flowers are in Blossom outside my window!

Aren’t they beautiful? There is noting better than to see the Nature in all her beauty! As a photography lover and amateur I couldn’t miss to take this photo. I actually took more than one photo and shared them on my Instagram @carolinarussoart.  My Artist side make me feel that this would be a perfect inspiration and photo reference for a watercolor painting…I will keep it in my long list of painting projects and maybe one day you will see this as painting! But I actually have an idea!

❤ A Watercolor Challenge!

If any of my friends Artists Bloggers from our #worldwatercolorgroup would be inspired to make a painting out of this photo, please you’re welcome to do so, just let me know, post your painting on your Blog and share it with me with a link. I would love that! Actually I guess it would be great to make a Challenge out of this for us.  Let me know if you all are interested to paint this beautiful Plumeria flowers! I will then participate too! It would be beautiful to see this in all the different watercolor styles and techniques! We have time from now until  June 30!

❤ Sorry that I haven’t posted much lately! I have been busy with some commissions and life events came on my way,  with it also some sadness because the recent loss of my loved bunny pet Grey. I am trying to get back on my routine! I also like to thank all my recent new followers thank you very much for deciding to follow my Blog!

Have a wonderful rest of the week let me know what do you think about this Challenge!


Thank You!

©Copyright Carolina Russo –

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23 thoughts on “Photography – Plumeria Flower and a Painting Challenge! #worldwatercolorgroup

  1. A.S. Akkalon

    They are beautiful! Such glorious colours.

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  2. Hi Carolina, the flowers are beautiful. I like the light and shade of the photo. I could visualize how I would do in watercolor. I want to accept the challenge, since I have until June 30th. So this is to let you know that I will try. When I post it, I’ll link it to your blog. Thank you for the beautiful photo of the unusual flowers!


  3. Absolutely beautiful, Carolina! Nature is an amazing artist and so are the ones who are conveying that magic!

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  4. Gorgeous photo! I think I will give it a try in watercolor. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing it. I hope the rest of the summer is better for you, dear Carolina!

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    • Thank you Carol I am happy that you will give it a try! It will motivate me too let;s see what we come up with! you have time there is no rush ijust remember to link to this post so that I will know! Hugs ❤

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  5. So pretty!

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  6. Hi Carolina, WP sent me a message that you requested my old site link. I locked it up, because I have a new link. It just has a slight change.

    Please add my new link to your Reader, or open my new link and follow again. If I unlock my old link, I will get followers – got about 40 already to an empty blog!

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  7. Hi Carolina, I finished the watercolor painting today. Here’s my post. Thank you for the challenge. That was fun!

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    • Thank you so much for participating Miriam and for letting me know! You made it very nice! I am thinking to come up with a Watercolor Challenge each week after July it would be fun! I am a full time artist my art is my living I will try to make the time for some fun challenges.What do you think?

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