New Mermaid – Work in Progress! #MerMay2017


Mermaid – WIP Stage 2 Begin Watercoloring – Original Watercolor ©Carolina Russo

– May new watercolor month challenge :  MerMay2017!

This month of May I have several creative projects going on and one of them is that I am participating whenever possible to the #mermay2017 Challenge. I came across this inspiring challenge following artists friends on Instagram! As you know I love mermaids they are fascinating ,and I have painted several which I have reposted for the first few days of this challenge! Today I am sharing my latest and new Mermaid drawing isn’t finish and  still a work in progress. I am already working on stage two “Watercolor”. I am also sharing the pencil sketch that I begin with. This time I decided to do something different and use “Gray Toned Paper” I love toned paper you can create beautiful effects with it! I especially love the white and black ink effect on toned tan and gray paper, but I also like to experiment and I wanted to see how my watercolor style works with this paper. Toned paper is not made for watercolor is a paper for dry media, but it’s not a super thin paper and if you use watercolors you have to find the right balance between color and water, painting more dry than wet. I like it so far and looking forward to see this piece how turn out when I am done! ❤

Mermaid – WIP Stage 1 Pencil Sketch – Original ©Carolina Russo

***A note: excuse if the photos quality in this post isn’t  as my usual.  I am dealing with a problem on my computer that is annoying me a lot and at the moment I am using a backup computer! Windows 10 decided to reboot and stay in Safe Mode and lock me out of my desktop :-((( without option to get to login, is crazy and I am trying to figure out what to do to get off the safe mode, I read that many Windows 10 users had this problem if any of you ever experienced this and solved the problem, please let me know! Hope to get back to normal soon!

Waiting for Mermaids – Malibu California – Photo ©Carolina Russo

Waiting for Mermaids….<3 while working on my new watercolor mermaid, I keep nurture the inspiration looking at this photo I took a month ago in beautiful Malibu. I love to share it with you and maybe inspire you a little…

Details about my Sketch and Watercolor:
 I Sketched on a Strathmore 400 Series medium surface 80 lb – gray toned paper large sketchbook size 9 x 12 inches for dry media.  I used a  Draft/Matic Pencil  0.5mm  Mab Graves Limited Edition by ALVIN for my sketch  and I used  French Artists Watercolors  Sennelier  l’Aguarelle.

You can see more of my Paintings visiting my  GALLERY  there are several Galleries you find  them in the drop down menu under Watercolors.

All my watercolors are available for Pre-Order in Limited Edition Art Prints 

Please to stay up to date also follow me on Instagram account dedicated to my Art! @carolinarussoart



Happy mermaids month! ❤


Thank You!

©Copyright Carolina Russo –

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20 thoughts on “New Mermaid – Work in Progress! #MerMay2017

  1. I really enjoy your elegant, graceful mermaids. So pretty!

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  2. I love mermaids!! 💖💖💖. Can’t wait to see her finished! 😄😄. She looks lovely even now 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aww, beautiful. But at least you have the dolphins… 😁

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  4. The Mermaid is beautiful Carolina, I love the detail down her back and arms 🙂

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