Hummingbird – #WorldWatercolorGroup #DrawABirdDay

Hummingbird – Original Watercolor ©CarolinaRusso

– April new watercolor month challenge:  Spring Things

Today’s word prompt for the monthly challenge at doodlewash  is  “Hummingbird”.

I see beautiful hummingbirds green color with red head, I see them daily flying around the backyard and posing on flowers and tree’s  branches! They are so tiny like two inches and they fly super fast! They make a very cute sound. Today my painting portrays a colorful hummingbird. I made this painting without my usual ink outlines but just watercolor. Today  I mean tomorrow is #DrawABirdDay I think that in our #worldwatercolorgroup we still celebrating this each 8th of the month, if we still do my Hummingbird join that event too. ❤

Details about my watercolors:
 watercolors usually are outlined with black and white ink pens. I used  French Artists Watercolors  Sennelier  l’Aguarelle,  Ink pens used  Pigma Micron Black ink #02 and a black ink  Pilot Prera fountain pen fine nib. I painted on Bee Paper for watercolor 140lb, 100% cotton, cold pressed, size 6×9 inches .

You can see more of my Paintings visiting my  GALLERY  there are several Galleries you find  them in the drop down menu under Watercolors.

All my collections of watercolors paintings and illustrations are available for Pre-Order in Limited Edition Art Prints   here on my Blog!
Some of them are also available on my Etsy Shop CarolinaRussoArt.

Please follow me on my Instagram account dedicated to my Art! @carolinarussoart





Have a great and creative weekend ❤ 😉


Thank You!

©Copyright Carolina Russo –

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34 thoughts on “Hummingbird – #WorldWatercolorGroup #DrawABirdDay

  1. Just Beautiful! in every way xx

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  2. That’s beautiful

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  3. Superb!

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  4. He is so cute 😍

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  5. this…. takes… my breath away!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Jody you made my day! ❤ It is a pure watercolor without ink pens outlines. I love how it turned out thanks for your beautiful comment I am happy that you like it. ❤

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  6. A little cutie, I wish we had them over here. Thank you for sharing Carolina 😀

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    • Oh really you don’t have Hummingbirds there? Here I see the tiny one! Enjoy my painting then and you see! 😉 Thank you glad you like it!

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      • I wish we did Carolina, they are very beautiful. But we are blessed with many other lovely birds so I shouldn’t be greedy. I am enjoying the art of your birds, and they are appreciated all the more because we don’t have them 😀

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      • Thank you Mark and yes the land and nature where you are is beautiful and there are many that we don’t have here!

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  7. Beautiful!!

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  8. I appreciate lovely blue and the red crown…

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  9. Oh, I love this Carolina. You have captured the hummingbird perfectly yet still have your own style stamped on it! 🙂

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  10. love it !!!fantastic!

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  11. That is SO pretty! I am so awful at watercolor😂Do you paint/draw from your imagination or from what you see around you?😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you I am glad you like it! And thank you for your question, I do paint and draw both ways sometimes totally from my imagination and sometimes I use some reference photos or from what I see around me. For this Hummingbird I used a reference photo for a quick look just for the shape of the bird, but the colors are from my memories and imagination! 🙂 ❤

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  12. Beautifully done!


    PS. Thanks for the follow : D

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  13. Your art makes me happy!


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