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Goodbye to Meet And Greet Fridays!

Digital Art - Light And Darkness ©Carolina Russo
Digital Art – Light And Darkness ©Carolina Russo

If you made it here please read

Sadly after more than two years of this great weekly event “Meet And Greet Fridays…” I came to the decision to suspend it for now. Lately l have seen that there is not much participation anymore, like it used to be. We used to have great time every weeks full of Blogs and their links left here. I noticed that observing the past few weeks, fewer people came here, very few left a real link to their Blog in the comments, mostly only left a “Like” without any word or comment related to their own blog! How new bloggers are supposed to know who you are without a link and few words. Today only four lovely people came here to leave their “like” and I appreciate them very much.  I take time to make this post every week, and I make sure to share the event on other social media platforms to make it successful for you! I made this weekly event for you to be able to connect, engage and meet others here in the “Community ” I also made this especially for the New Bloggers so that they don’t feel lost and lonely on the blogosphere. We all know how hard it is in the beginning to find, friends and followers and be able to find an audience interested in what you write and what your blog is all about. It is almost scary when you are new here and nobody reads your blog because nobody knows that exist. You all are the ones that can make this event successful with me and if there is not participation or interest to share your own blog, then all this effort doesn’t fit the purpose of giving the opportunity to connect and be Featured on my Blog. I really gave my time and space with all my heart to help others.  I am sorry but I think it’s time to take a break from this event, I don’t know for how long, maybe sometimes I will host some Meet And Greet again.
We had amazing connections made here and I want to thank from the bottom of my heart everyone that participated during the past two years. I will keep the Archive Page up so that you can always come back and dig through the many links left, sure you will find great blogs.

Right now I will focus on my Art and on other interesting things in plan here on my Blog.

Thank you love you all ❤

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Thank You!

Copyright ©Carolina Russo –

43 thoughts on “Goodbye to Meet And Greet Fridays!”

  1. I am so sorry that participation has been low for you when you put so much into these posts. Especially as it was to help introduce people to each other which is part of what blogging is all about. I am sorry I didn’t join in too as I have so limited time. Enjoy focusing the on the things that are important to you. ❤❤

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  2. I am sorry that it did not increase but decrease! I thought it was a really great thing for new bloggers to get more known and also find more others! You cannot do more than offering. But know that all you do is appreciated!

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    1. Thank you Erika I know it has been long time that this event was going on and yes it was very much appreciated from everyone and I am very happy about that! Like we say in love and light we go, a new path to follow and new things will come! Thank you Erika you are a great support since the beginning! Much love to you! ❤

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      1. Yes, that is what I thought: It is time for something new and since I know and appreciate you creativity I am sure that something very special will be coming up!!! Huge hugs, dear Carolina 💖

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  3. It’s just attendance is faltering everywhere, I think. And, you’ve put so much into does seem sad. BUt you’re so talented now you can have more time for you for awhile! My Jan stats were very gloomy. Not sure what to think about that ATM

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    1. Thank you Debi and yes I’ve noticed that attendance is faltering everywhere Is not just here this event lately I had weeks with lots of people and weeks with very few like alternating. But you know sometime we need a change and to refresh let’s keep up with our art and let’s stay connected together nice things will come. ❤

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      1. no worries C!! I actually think, the political climate has a LOT to do with this. so hopefully, things will stabilize in a month or so. I hope to ‘ride it out.’ Art is our wonderful outlet, and I don’t think we could give it up! WP is still a good platform I think 🙂

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  4. I used to do something similar and while I haven’t stopped it entirely I am have reduced it frequency. So perhaps instead of doing it once a month, try once a quarter and see if there is a bit more engagement?

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  5. It was a beautiful thing for you to do to connect others, but I know that for myself, I’ve mostly gotten away from blogging, preferring other platforms for different needs (IG for looking at art and nature photos; Twitter for more impersonal interactions and quick bits of news, and FB to interact more personally with friends, IRL and virtual). Wishing you the best in all that you have planned for blogging and your art!

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    1. Thank you Teresa I agree things comes and go we are in a perpetual motion in our lives so do I. I have been way more on Instagram Twitter and FB this year than the past years it is nice that we are all friends and still interactingand following each other in I a way or another in art and life 🙂 Best wishes for you too

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  6. I do understand, that you take a break, when not many are joining in, Carolina. It is a big job to make.
    At the moment, I see so many in here having meet and greet posts, so maybe this is the reason, either people change where they join, or they don’t join in at all.
    Great that you got your link to work again.


    1. Thank you Irene I appreciate all your share on social media and your participation very much. Sometimes is needed a change,
      we will see and new things and opportunity will come I am happy that we all are connected anyway! Keep up with the good work! ❤

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  7. That’s really sad Carolina… I first came across your site when I was new to the blogging community and I remember you were my fifth follower! I totally appreciate your contribution to the community and I hope your artistic pursuits go from strength to strength. Pls keep in touch!! Much love and thanks! 💕

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      1. It has really given me a “leg up”, so to speak. You are always ready to embrace new bloggers and make them feel welcome. Pls continue to spread your cheer wherever you go. 😊

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      2. Thank you Jolene for your kind words I am always here I work on my Art full-time and on my Blog every day I am sure that once in a while I will make something to connect people and I used to Feature a lot now I will still do it when I can. 🙂 ❤

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