Katie The Writer – Life Behind A Painting

Katie The Writer - Original watercolor ©Carolina Russo

Katie The Writer – Original watercolor ©Carolina Russo


Katie The Writer 

Today post is about the story  behind one of my latest watercolor painting. A commission work with the title of “Katie The Writer”. I really love to share the story because is a connection that has happened within our Community here on the Blogosphere. It’s beautiful how Bloggers can help each other and open doors. Something really nice happened  to me at the end of the year, actually it was December 26, 2016. That morning I went to check my Blog messages as usual and between the comments I found a message from one of my dear followers Cyranny from the Blog Cyranny’s Cove, she mentioned to me that she had come across a post of another Blogger and while reading it Cyranny could only think about me . In her comment she left the mentioned post link.
I felt that was beautiful and very kind of her thinking of me.  I headed to the Blog post which title was “Calling Out to all Artists!” the Blog is “The Life Of A Writer” and belong to Katie M. Dean. I didn’t know Katie and her Blog before and it was a nice discovery. In her post Katie was calling out to Artists because she had found a cute image that could represent her as writer, but she had a problem with something that she wanted different, Katie wanted the girl into the illustration to wear pants. 🙂
This is the Image that started it all:

Katie's found image that started it all!

Katie’s found image that started it all!

Well I left a comment to Katie, offering my artistic help to recreate something for her since I couldn’t modify a Copyrighted image. Soon we got connected via email and agreed to create a new watercolor painting representing Katie.
A commission work is always interesting for an artist and require some work in other directions than only paint. Since I had to customize and personalize what I would be painting, which is something existing, the life of a person, Katie is an aspiring young writer and not just something coming out of my creativity.  I wanted to find all the elements to make my custom and personalized painting as close as possible to represent Katie fully.  Including all the things she love, she believes and that she like. I went to read her Blog posts, her profiles, her social media presence, since we don’t know each other much we are new Blog friends. Something she told me, something I found out. Katie is a Christian, she play the Flute, she love coffee, she love to Write and two of her favorite characters are Yoda from “Star Wars” and Grumpy  from “Snow White”, all these meaningful elements are included in my painting . My aim to create was to make Katie feel happy and recognize herself in the painting, nonetheless creating an inspiring and motivating image for her to see everyday, reminding who she is and what she wants in her future. I am so happy that Katie love the painting and that she feels that it’s her! She wrote a Blog post about this too ❤ you can read it here and discover her lovely Blog!

I want to thanks so much Cyranny, because of her caring spirit and thinking of me she was able to connect Katie and me behind the creation of this painting. A special thanks goes to Katie for trust and supporting my Art. Thank you!

I hope that you enjoyed reading this story and feel inspired to help one another!
Have a great weekend ❤

If you like my art and like to have a Custom Painting or illustration from me,
just Contact me! 🙂

What makes me happy is to give happiness and inspire people through my Art give feelings to the heart and deep to the soul!” ❤

Thank You!

Thank You!

©Copiright Carolina Russo – yesterdayafter.com



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33 thoughts on “Katie The Writer – Life Behind A Painting

  1. Love your story and how it all came about.. we are all precious and are interconnected… let’s make 2017 more about compassion… did you read about my new guest blogger feature? Would love you to be part of it Carolina x Barbara x

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    • Thank you Barbara for your kind comment and I am going to head to your Blog and read about your new Guest Blogger Feature and thanks for inviting me I would love to I will get in touch with you. Also this year I just started doing some interesting interviews my first one was with the musician Ewian and if you like I would love to interview you too 😉 ❤

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  2. Lovely story and beautiful work! Xo Johanna

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  3. I am so very glad the connexion between you and Katie worked out! It was just an obvious thing for me to do, when she called out for artists in our blogging community… Your paintings are beautiful and inspiring, and I could think of nobody better fit to answer her call for help!

    Now I have proof that it was well worth it, introducing you two to each other 🙂

    Wonderful painting, as they always are! I hope this will open the door to more collaboration projects for you 🙂 *hugs*

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  4. It is always thrilling to see how things come together! Katie looks beautiful!

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  5. Beautiful post! I’m so glad we came across each other and became friends 🙂 Hopefully we will be able to work together in the future!

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  6. Amazing how one connection can lead to another and be so inspiring. You did wonderful with putting all the elements of Katie together in the painting and it is so cool that she can look at it and have those things she love catch her eye.

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  7. Reblogged this on sherriemiranda1 and commented:
    Very nice Art that says a lot about both the subject & the artist! 😛😝😳😜😘

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    • Thank you Sherrie for your reblog and kind words I am happy that you like it! There is a very nice story behind it I hope it will inspire others! ❤ Thanks! 😉 ❤


  8. I love that artwork that you created for Katie. I am sure she was thrilled with it too as it is so original and quirky!
    It was lovely that Cyranny connected you all together too! That is why I love this blogging community we have so much! 🙂

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    • Yes Katie love it and all her friends on FB commented that it represent her perfectly! I cannot be more happy! It is beautiful what happened and like you I love our Community I have wonderful friends here! ❤

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  9. A.S. Akkalon

    I love this painting, and what a beautiful story that is behind it!

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  10. Great reading you made a wonderful drawing

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    • Thank you Magny for reading the story behind this drawing! I always love your comments. It was very nice to create this drawing lots of good elements! ❤


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