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My Poem – Hands – Published on Visual Verse Anthology!


 – Image by Hernan Bas –


VisualVerse Anthology
VisualVerse Anthology


Visual Verse An Anthology of Art and Words


Visual Verse Published my Poem “Hands”!

This month I participate again to this interesting monthly writing event that brings together Art and Words on Anthology Press.
Some days ago my Poem was published!

The painting  that you see here above was the starting point image assigned this month by Visual Verse. I figured that my poem Hands is a good combination to the image.

I am very happy to share this with you as a nice achievement of my creative writing, and I am so happy that now my Poem “Hands” is part of this interesting Anthology and  published on:

Visual Verse  Anthology – Vol. 04 Chapter 01 –  “Hands” page 7

This is my fourth Published piece on Visual Verse, here you can read them all of them:

Here there is a link to the Archive with all the images and writings published until now!


I am so happy that my writings are part of this innovative and great Anthology is another way for my voice as an Artist to be heard.
I hope that you like my poem please let me know what you think your comment means a lot to me!

©Carolina Russo
©Carolina Russo

©Copyright Carolina Russo –




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