FAST Day #1 – #INKTOBER2016

Day #1 FAST - InkTober 2016

Day #1 FAST – InkTober 2016 – Ylia ©Carolina Russo


HAPPY OCTOBER everyone!!!
Today is also the first day of this amazing 31 days InkTober Challenge I decided to follow Jake Parker and the Official Prompt List.

Day 1: FAST
I created a character of a superpower girl a futuristic hero, she has a wonderful heart and she can transform and be a girl of our days she is born in the world of fantasy she fly fast driving a disc she would be the muse and main inspiration for my 31 drawings that will create her story!

Her name is ©Ylia

Day #1 FAST - InkTober 2016

Day #1 FAST – InkTober 2016

Visit my InkTober GALLERY!

I also made a second Instagram account dedicated to my Art please follow me there! @carolinarussoart

Have a happy InkTober!

Thank You!

Thank You!

©Copyright Carolina Russo –





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27 thoughts on “FAST Day #1 – #INKTOBER2016

  1. very nice

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  2. Hahaah so cool. you have a great sense of humor.

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  3. Beautiful!

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  4. Love it!! ❤️💜💚

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  5. Wow, fantastic take and fantastic drawing, Carolina! You are surprising me over and over again! Did you ever think of asking galleries in Laguna Beach for presenting your drawings? Think about this…

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    • Thank you Erika! You will see this character in many different pose and situation during the 31 days! And no I didn’t think…Thanks for the input! ❤

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      • That is such a cool idea that you take this one character to lead us through the month. That makes a complete series which make collectors pay high prices to have the whole series together! Wow! You really need to think of contacting galleries. You have so much to present already to so many different topics. That woud be amazing! I cannot wait for the moment to walk into one of those galleries and discover one of your paintings!

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      • I am glad you like the idea of this one character! She will be representing each day the prompt from the official list! And yes at the end of the month would be a great collection and a complete collectors series! Thank you so much Erika for your support it is awesome to read your words to my Art! ❤

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      • This all just popped up in my mind whicl I saw this drewing! I am convinced that you would have a huge success with all your paintings!

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      • Thank you Erika that would be awesome! ❤

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      • It would….. and sorry for the typo… just saw it 😒

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  6. Amazingly done !

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  7. Happy October Carolina! Nice drawing!

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  8. i hit the (post comment) before I could say how cool it is that she’s a superhero!

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