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Meet and Greet Fridays… Week #29


Sunflower - Digital Art ©Carolina Russo
Sunflower – Digital Art ©Carolina Russo

Week #29 – MEET and GREET Fridays…


Hello everyone welcome to our weekly Meet and Greet Fridays, this is Week #29!

I am glad that you’re here thank you for stopping by! I am always happy to see you guys here. I hope that you had a great week and that you are ready for your terrific weekend! 😉

Right now It’s Meet and Greet time, and is very exciting to connect with new and old Blogs! Please Keep posting your links in the comments!

Thank you for your participation and for all the reblogs, Twitter, Facebook and any social media where you share!
That’s awesome of you to help sharing this and keep the event going! ❤

Spread the voice and invite your friends here!

Everyone is welcome and if you are new to this, please read all the details on the Meet and Greet Fridays Home Page! Anytime check the Archive at the bottom of the page there are the links to all the #27 Weeks listed, there you can always come back to the latest week post!

  • Reminder: this weekly event is linked to And Featured is…a monthly event that I host here on  each 2nd Saturday of the month. Sorry  I missed last Saturday cause lack of time. A new “Featured of the Month” will be chosen by me very soon!

    Latest featured for August is Maria Jansson Photography visit her beautiful Blog!

Featured Image -- 2371

If you would like to introduce your Blog, meet other great bloggers, and have the opportunity to be considered for the month selection of  “The Featured of the Month” please leave a comment on this post with your Blog link!


I wish you a wonderful weekend!



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Thank You!

© Copyright Carolina Russo –

16 thoughts on “Meet and Greet Fridays… Week #29”

  1. Hello there ! Greetings from the Mediterranean 🙂 . My name is Wissem, I am happy that I find my way to Meet and Great Fridays and to this very prolific blog. Looking forward to be part of the event, to meet and discover new bloggers,as well as find new sources of inspiration, because my blog is having a little setback lately. 🙂

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