Meet and Greet Fridays… Week #23

Light and Darkness

Week #23 – MEET and GREET Fridays…


Hello everyone here we are at Week #23 of our weekly event!

Sorry for my friends that are not in US if this post comes a little later for you! Remember you can always add your link anytime!

I hope that you all had a great week and having a lovely Summer!

The “World Watercolor Month” is ended it has been an amazing experience and if you want to see all my 31 paintings that I made for this event check my  Gallery!

Now is Meet and Greet time, is always very exciting to connect with new Blogs! Please Keep leaving your links!

Thank you for the participation and for all the reblogs, Twitter, Facebook and any social media shares!
That’s so awesome of you to share and I am very thankful! ❤

Spread the voice and invite your friends!

Everyone is welcome and if you are new to this, please read all the details on the Meet and Greet Fridays Home Page! Anytime check the Archive at the bottom of the page there are the links to all the #23 Weeks listed there you can always come back to the latest week post!

Reminder: this weekly event is linked to And Featured is…a monthly event that I host here on  each 2nd Saturday of the month. A new “Featured of the Month” would be chosen by me between all the Blogs links left during our weekly Meet and Greet Fridays!

A new Featured would be chosen on Saturday August 13! Stay connected!

Featured Image -- 2371

If you would like to introduce your Blog, meet other great bloggers, and have the opportunity to be considered for the month selection of  The Featured of the Month please leave a comment on this post with your Blog link!


I wish you a wonderful Meet and Greet Friday!



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Thank You!

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39 thoughts on “Meet and Greet Fridays… Week #23

  1. Hello! I’m Michele. My blog (mainly poetry) can be found at I look forward to meeting other bloggers!

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  2. Happy Friday, Carolina! 😊

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  3. How wonderful! Thanks for hosting Carolina! ❤️ My blog is Ink and Quill, at A quirky collection of poetry and fiction.
    Submissions are open to contribute your work on Ink and Quill also!

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  4. Hello Carolina, and thank you once again for being such a wonderful host! This is my latest blogpost:

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  5. Reblogged this on charles french words reading and writing and commented:
    This is an excellent opportunity to share your blog and to learn of others’ blogs, all hosted by Carolina, the hospitable owner of Yesterday After.

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  6. Reblogged this on Whats Next and commented:
    Here’s another link for a beautiful chain from Yesterday After:

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  7. Happy Friday, everyone! My blog, Comically Quirky, is all about off-beat humor. So if you’re in need of a good laugh, please stop on by! 🙂

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  8. Greetings I’m DeBorah from Brooklyn, New York and my Photography Blog is:

    Roaming Urban Gypsy

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    • Hi DeBorah I love Photography! It’s one of my Artistic ways of expression!!! Thanks for sharing your link I will sure visit your Blog! Stay connected! 🙂 Carolina


  9. Thank you for the opportunity to share my blog. My blog is to help you get and stay organized. Disorganization steals time from you and your family. Think about how much time you have wasted while searching for your keys, shoes or phone.

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  10. Thank you, Carolina! Kendall Person is my featured blogger this week. Here is the link:

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  11. My blog focuses on childhood sexual abuse and overcoming the shame. It’s titled Not My Secret. I share stories about my life, therapy, ptsd, and poetry. I love your site and enjoy reading it and seeing your amazing artwork. My link is

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    • Hi Bethany thank you for stopping by and for your link! I am so happy that you enjoy my Art and site 😉 thank you for your kind words I follow your blog too now! You are doing a great job to talk about abuse openly it is the right thing to do and you will help others more than you can ever think just because you had the courage to talk! 🙂 ❤ love to you stay connected! Carolina

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  12. I came here from Robert Goldstein’s great blog, I write about mental illness from the perspective of someone with bipolar disorder and PTSD (I’m a survivor of domestic violence). My creative therapy includes drawing, poetry, and I’ve just started exploring flash fiction. My blog can be found at

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    • Thank you Sheri for stopping by leaving your link Robert is a dear friend 🙂 I will soon check out your Blog and I hope that we can follow each other and stay connected. Have a great weekend!

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  13. Thank you Carolina! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  14. Followed the trail from Roo’s Ruse. Thank you for hosting 🙂

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