Illustration – Friends


Friends – Original Watercolor ©Carolina Russo


Today my doodlewash is not about food, but I would like to share an older post and I hope that you enjoy it!
Anyway will be good for #doodlewashaday

Friends and Sennelier…
I wanted to use my new French Sennelier Watercolor! So I needed to create something!

I love and enjoy Illustration, and sometimes I like drawing cute  whimsical characters a little bit out of my ordinary watercolor paintings and sketches. Creativity it is something that there are no words to describe it! Inspiration can come to me  from anything and anytime, everywhere, and often start with something to ends with something totally different from what was at first inside my mind, it is a very fascinating and abstract process, that’s how I call it!

While I was thinking what to begin with to start my drawing, the word “Friends” came up to my mind I don’t know why, at the same time I was on my Pinterest (Follow me) pinning things for my numerous boards.  I came across some very cute little dolls. I was captured by their sweet, nice faces with big eyes and instantly I felt the wish to draw them. I quickly made my sketch, when the word “Friends” came back to mind again and that was it!!! It was perfect for my new illustration. I am going to dedicate this drawing to all the amazing Bloggers Friends and Artists I found here on WP community. 🙂


Friends – Original Watercolor ©Carolina Russo

Some technical details
I quickly sketched first with a pencil #2 HB few light lines just to give me an idea to the two figures and the flower then I painted. For this Illustration I was very excited to use my new French Sennelier watercolors. I use many different brands of watercolors I love  Sennelier their watercolors are beautiful so vibrant, very pigmented, they are rich, luminous and honey-based. I purchased this metal travel box on Amazon it is small and easy to carry almost the size of an iPhone it can fit anywhere.

Sennelier Watercolors Travel Box

Sennelier – L’Aguarelle French Artist Watercolors

This Watercolor set is inspired by the bright and lively palette of Southern France. Each set contains 12 half pans of top quality French Artists Watercolor and two built-in palettes within a compact and sturdy metal case. Reformulated with an increased honey content gives each watercolor incomparable brilliance and luminosity while acting as a preservative to extend the paints longevity.
I love the fluidity of the colors a little goes a long way. I am very happy how my illustration turned out. I gave the finish touch going over with a black ink Pigma Micron pen 0.3 to finish and add shades. I painted this with a very light wash not on a watercolor paper but on a mix media ProArt Sketchbook size 9×11 inches.

Sketck Book - Friends2a



Happy doodlewashes!

©Carolina Russo

©Carolina Russo

Copyright© Carolina Russo –

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24 thoughts on “Illustration – Friends

  1. That is what art is all about! Go with what mood strikes or idea hits! Yay you! Love this. 🙂 of course it helps to have new toys to create with!

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  2. I love your watercolours! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh thank you Oscar I am happy that you love my watercolors! 😉


    • Thank you I am happy that you love my watercolors. I just hit the Follow for you! I had a brief visit to your Blog looks great! And congratulations for your new haircut looking good I love the color! 😉 And I am sorry about your novel that’s a shame that someone can do something like this it make me so upset and I am always worried for me too as an artist I post all my artworks! Best wishes ❤ 🙂 Carolina

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Carolina 🙂

        I think it’s a good thing that creative people can connect here and that it can be helpful for promoting our work – I think this outweighs the low risk of theft. Having a copyright in place is protection. Maybe buying a book on copyright law for artists might be helpful? (I was thinking of this for me as a writer, and a writer who illustrates her stories).

        Do you sell your illustrations in a book? 🙂

        Thanks, I’m pleased with my shorter cut. It’s better suited for the summer. 🌞

        🐕 All the best, Faith 🐾


      • Thank you Faith for your comments! It is always good thing to add a watermark or your logo or
        signature directly on your art and writings. I do sell my art! I don’t sell it in a book yet, but an illustrated book maybe comes in my future!
        I always wanted to create one! Whenever I post my artworks and writings, I do write poetry, I always add my name and Copyright. Same on my photography and digital art.
        Thanks for visiting and is nice to meet you!

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  3. Hi Carolina – making so many friends is the best benefit of blogging. Your sweet watercolor is lovely. Thank you for the watercolor review.

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  4. Beautiful! You make me want to drag my watercolors out! If only I knew where they were packed!

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  5. The spontaneous impulses always bring the best results…. as we can see here. Beautiful, Carolina!

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  6. I just love you art. It is fresh, it flows with an ethereal quality that is so charming and with colors that remind me of springtime.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Karen you truly captured the essence of this thank you! I love when you stop by and I am happy that you like it! ❤


  7. This is a beautiful doodlewash, Carolina! 😍And ya to your new French colors! I only have one tube of Opera Rose, but love it! One day, I’m going to buy more of these. Love them!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Charlie and yes Sennelier is a bit expensieve but great colors and because they are very pigmented there is no need to use much color they last long 😉

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  8. Hi Caroline – very nice! Inspiration’s good – and it’s even better when it grows arms and legs!

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  9. Lovely pic Carolina > I dropped by for your Friday bash but I reckon I’m too early this week. Me and my bad timing LOL

    Liked by 1 person

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