Week #3 – Meet and Greet Fridays


Week #3 – MEET and GREET Fridays…


Time pass fast it’s Friday again welcome back to our Meet and Greet Fridays!
This is the third week so far for this event I came across with very nice and interesting Blogs. I hope that you had the opportunity to visit the new Blogs links left here last week!  I hope that you discovered interesting and inspiring Blog connections!
Last Friday was great thank you very much for the participation and for all the reblogs and Twitter shares!
Let’s make this week great!
Everyone is welcome and if you are new to this, please read the Event Home Page!

Reminder: this weekly event is linked to And Featured is…a monthly event that takes place here on YesterdayAfter.com every second Saturday of the month.
Starting date was March 12 and will go on until December a new “Featured of the Month” would be chosen by me every month between all the Blogs links left during our weekly Meet and Greet Fridays! Last Saturday we had the first Featured of the Month Musician Composer James Radcliffe I hope that you all enjoyed his unique music!

If you would like to introduce your Blog, meet other great bloggers, and have the opportunity to be chosen as The Featured of the Month please leave a comment on this post with your Blog link!

I wish you a wonderful Meet and Greet!
And if you feel that you would like to help, a reblog or share of this event would be amazing!

Always thank you for the love!



© Copyright Carolina Russo – yesterdayafter.com

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59 thoughts on “Week #3 – Meet and Greet Fridays

  1. wafflemethis

    Wow look at me Carolina, I’m the first one here. That makes a change honey. Hope you’re well.
    Let’s get the party started.

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  2. Happy Friday, Carolina ☺💖

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  3. My exams were extremely near, so I thought to write an article on preparation of exams. This will help me as well as other students around to adopt a wise approach towards examinations. Here you may read it:
    If possible, please give a feedback so I can improve myself, otherwise any interaction is appreciated.

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  4. Hai Carol, A big thanks for this meet and greet party. And here is my link …. please share …. https://vivekvasantha.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/care-share-party-happy-to-share-your-parenting-post/

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  5. Thank you for this lovely opportunity, Carolina. I thought I’d promote my theatre and film blog today: https://roguesandvagabonds.wordpress.com/. Have a splendid weekend!

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  6. Hello! I am excited to join this meet and greet. I hope to meet more lovely bloggers. Feel free to visit me and my fiends at my online cafe where we discuss various topics that inspire, encourage and educate.

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  7. Hello! Happy Friday to you! I’m leaving a link to my latest classic film post: http://crackedrearviewer.wordpress.com/2016/03/18/karmas-a-bitch-they-wont-believe-me-rko-1947/
    Hope you enjoy it!

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  8. Reblogged this on crackedrearviewer and commented:
    Join Carolina’s Meet & Greet at Yesterday After!

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  9. Hiya Carolina > Ha > I made it this week 🙂 Put the kettle on then 😉

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  10. Hi Carolina! Thank you for this great opportunity once again. TGIF!

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  11. Reblogged this on itsgoodtobecrazysometimes and commented:
    A meet and greet pop on over and leave your link and check out some of the other bloggers

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  12. Hey Carolina! How are you today? Thanks again for hosting this meet and greet. Here’s a link to an article on my blog https://homehugshuskies.wordpress.com/2016/03/14/a-toddler-moms-open-letter-to-her-high-heels/

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  13. Reblogged this on Home, Hugs and Huskies and commented:
    Join Carolina for a Meet and Greet on her blog yesterdayafter. The conversation is just heating up. Don’t be shy to share a link to your blog and meet other bloggers.

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  14. I love a good meet and greet party! Here’s my link and if all goes well, this post may be featured on the Huffington Post later this week so check it out first! You know, before I am wildly famous! 🙂 http://deborahdrezoncarroll.com/know-any-fly-gra…-send-this-along

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  15. Hallo,Carolina! Thank you for this opportunity to introduce my blog.
    I’m just starting out (one week today) and have yet to find my voice. I’m on a journey to discover ” the real me ” ,whom i’ve lost somewhere on the way to this day. It would be great ,if somebody joins me . I sincerely welcome you to “The Life of Ordinary Me”
    Thank you 🙂

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    • Hi ondray welcome I am glad that you’re here to join us! Congratulations for your new Blog wish you that you will find your voice soon it will come to you day after day…thank you for the Follow and I will Follow your Blog too stay connected 🙂

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      • Hi,Carol ! Thank you for being part of my story.So glad ,that I finaly found courage to step out of my own shadow.Thank you for the follow and I will be keeping an eye on you and your beautiful blog:) We’ll stay connected for sure !

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      • You’re welcome! Thank you for your kind words! 😉

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  16. I’m going with better late than never and this way I get to visit all the lovely bloggers who got here first! Awesome! Thanks for offering us this delightful opportunity to meet and greet!
    Here goes, my name is Donna I blog about life, the universe and everything with a lot of humour. Here’s my latest post about ‘labels’ http://yadadarcyyada.com/2016/03/18/this-is-not-a-toy/
    Hope this weekend treats everyone well, now I’m off to share and mingle. 🙂

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    • Thank you Donna that’s awesome to have you here I am glad you came and left the link to your great Blog! Remember every week and if you’re late go to the Event Home Page where you find the Archive! Thanks and wish you a great week 😉

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  17. What a beautiful initative Carolina, I’ve enjoyed reading a few new blogs, thank you, tomorrow I’ll add my own… Love to you xx Barbara

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