Week #2 – Meet and Greet Fridays

Light and Darkness

Week #2 – MEET and GREET Fridays…Weekly Event!

Hello everyone,

it’s Friday again welcome back to our Meet and Greet Fridays!
I hope that you had a great week and the chance to visit the new Blogs links left here last week!  I hope that you found some interesting connections! Last Friday was great thank you for the beautiful participation!
Let’s make this week even better!
Everyone is welcome and if you are new to this, please read the Event Home Page!

Reminder: this weekly event is linked to And Featured ismonthly event that takes place here on YesterdayAfter every second Saturday of the month.
Starting on March 12 until December a new “Featured of the Month” would be chosen by me every month between all the Blogs links left during our weekly Meet and Greet Fridays!

If you would like to Introduce your Blog, meet other great bloggers, and have the opportunity to be chosen as The Featured of the Month please leave a comment with your Blog link!

I wish you a wonderful Meet and Greet!
And if you feel that you would like to help, a reblog of this event would be amazing!

Always thank you for the love!



© Copyright Carolina Russo


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58 thoughts on “Week #2 – Meet and Greet Fridays

  1. Thanks for hosting this meet and greet party ! I blog at My Sweet Nothings. And here is the link for one of my favorite posts …. https://vivekvasantha.wordpress.com/2016/01/30/word-of-the-year-2016/

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  2. Good Morning, Carolina! Have a lovely Friday!

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  3. Thank you so much for hosting, this is me, I talk about mainly mental health but often its about whatever pops into my head at the time. With photos of my cats


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  4. Reblogged this on itsgoodtobecrazysometimes and commented:
    A meet and greet going on today, please go over and say hello

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  5. Happy Friday, Carolina 😃

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  6. It’s me again to wish you a marvellous Friday and weekend, Carolina! And to leave my link. https://firstnightdesign.wordpress.com/.

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  7. I wish you a beautiful Friday and an amazing weekend, Carolina 😀

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  8. Hey Carolina,
    Thank you for the opportunity. I still haven’t found a right adjectives to describe my blog but, here is the link to it:
    And am sure I’ll find more blogging buddies through this meet and greet thank you for hosting it!! 🙂

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    • Hi thank you for the follow and for leaving your link here. I host this event every week stay connected!I will sure check out your Blog during the week! Have a great day! 😉

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  9. Hey Carolina, Have a wonderful weekend.

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  10. Thanks for providing this platform to meet other bloggers. 🙂

    My blog showcases my life as a children’s book author, illustrator, mom, step mom, partner, husky owner and home schooler.

    Check it out at https://homehugshuskies.wordpress.com

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  11. Reblogged this on Home, Hugs and Huskies and commented:
    Meet other bloggers and share a bit of yourself at this meet and greet. Check it out!

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  12. Hello everyone. I write motivational/inspirational posts but recently I joined photo 101. https://spiritualjourney17.wordpress.com

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  13. A quick question–if we have already participated in your meet and greets, it is ok to do so again, or is it solely for new blogs? I do not want to go against your protocol.

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  14. A day late! Blaaaagh! I can still have a wander around though so its not all bad I guess. Cheers again and maybe I’ll be on time next week ha ha. Cheers for this Carolina 🙂

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  15. Reblogged this on Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna and commented:
    Over at Carolina it’s Meet & Great party this weekend. Please stop by at her blog at take the chance to find new blogs and promote your own blog if you want to find new readers and followers/Anna

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  16. I’m late–it’s Sunday already–but I’ll join in anyway: What do people really want to know about Britain? Wigs, bearskin hats, manners, how the Brits really, truly, honestly feel about American tourists, and how to make lemon drizzle cake, and how to swear in British. Plus how not to do search engine optimization. http://notesfromtheuk.com/2016/03/04/how-people-find-a-blog-part-2-or-3/

  17. Anna sent me over so here I am. You are always welcome at our blog http://www.swo8.wordpress.com.

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