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From Zero to 15’000 – Some Thoughts on Building Community…

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A wonderful post about Community from James Radcliffe, talking from the heart and soul just like his beautiful music! I wanted to share this because I can relate with it and because it is very motivational and inspiring!

Have a great Sunday!

James Radcliffe

One of the most frequent things I get asked is: ‘How did you build your following?’.

It’s a fair question.  A few years ago I started as everybody does, with pretty much zero support and 5 followers (2 of which were my mother who had signed up twice to make sure she didn’t miss anything).

Today I am a 100% audience-supported artist; I have a blog that is read in 170+ countries by a community of over 15’000 subscribers, and a Twitter following that is sitting somewhere around 66k.

How did this happen?

Read on, and I’ll tell you…

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11 thoughts on “From Zero to 15’000 – Some Thoughts on Building Community…”

  1. Nice one on the reblog > excellent! What it’s shown me is exactly where I’m at right now. I started my blog years ago but WP is blocked here in China. Although I had a VPN it was always being hit by the Great Firewall so getting used to blogging was really difficult. After that I went back to the UK but found nothing of real interest to blog about so it went kinda flat. Hey presto now I’m back in China I discovered a miraculous VPN site which loads up the moment I start up my computer.So far it seems unbreakable > touch wood. Its also meant that I can really start to enjoy what blogging is all about. Cheers for sharing this Caroline as I’d never have seen it otherwise. Inspirational!

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    1. Thank you that’s wonderful I am happy that you found the Reblog very inspiring it was a great post that I needed to share! I am so glad that you found a way to go through the big Firewall! How is to live your life in China? Big difference from UK 😉 I am also out my native country I am from Italy now in USA from 13 years.

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      1. Hiya Carolina > Well for one thing there are no bills and therefore no stress so that’s a big plus for a start. Actually I went back to the UK for 2 years but was overwhelmed with the cost of living so here I am back in a world where you can bliss out at any moment. Sounds like you’ve been away from Italy for roughly the same amount of time. How’s the States compare?

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      2. Oh no bills it’s certain a nice things that will make life way less stressful that’s seems to be a good thing! I know in UK the cost of living is high same here I am in California not easy living 😉

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