Photography – A Stunning Element



Los Angeles – The Wiltern Theatre

a beautiful 1930 Art Deco’ architecture considered one of the finest examples in United States, salvaged and restored from neglect and decay it is a symbol of history and Art preservation for the City of Los Angeles. The theatre is located inside the green-turquoise  Pellissier Building you can read more about the interesting history here.

My photo  shows details of the stunning and dramatic element featured on the ceiling overlooking the box-office at the entrance. I love the angle I was able to capture and the lighting in contrast with the dark shade creating a beautiful effect of “chiaroscuro” it seems almost a monochrome. I love this photo and I hope you do to!

In June 2015  I had the privilege to attend a great concert in this beautiful venue, you can read my post “A Magical Evening of Guitars”. It was a wonderful experience for me as an artist to see the beauty of this historical theatre. The more I was looking around the more I felt I was back in time. As soon I walked inside the magnificent decorated oval-shaped lobby, I was imagining how many shows have been hosted in such great place during the 1930s and 40s until our days, all the amazing artists that have performed there. I could visualize all the people walking around the lobby wearing their fancy hats and fashionable outfits of that era.  The ceilings inside are amazing and all decorated with beautiful elements, over the walls there are shapes of beautiful flowers artistically painted. One of the most striking element of the interior design is a huge sunburst placed on the ceiling of the auditorium,  each ray is created as its own Art Deco skyscraper. I was there attending a modern Rock Concert having the feeling to be in an old-fashioned historical venue, where I was back in time and into the modern era at the same time, it was amazing! I felt a great vibe. My native country is Italy, I grow up surrounded by the most amazing Art and architecture  hundred and hundred of years of Art history are still alive throughout the magnificent buildings, sculptures, paintings on almost every city in Italy because it is very important to preserve and salvage our Art. I am glad that The Wiltern Theatre is an example of preservation here in US and for sure it is a place to visit in Los Angeles if you interested in Art and Architecture and nonetheless a great vibe-filled and intimate venue for great concerts.

I hope that you enjoyed my photography and this post!
There is any special Art-preserved place in your city?
Feel free to talk about it in the comments!

Thank you for sharing 😉


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44 thoughts on “Photography – A Stunning Element

  1. This is a definitely a great pic!

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  2. I like the lines and shadows of this. Great perspective! 🙂

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  3. That is a really stunning photo, Carolina! The detail alone is, wow!

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  4. A wonderful shot! I don;t know that we have anything like that around here, sadly. Maybe in Omaha, NE or Des Moines.

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  5. Ah, that was the theatre where you attended that guitar concert. I remember very well. You posted shortly after I started following you.
    Although the photo shows only a part it appears to me like a huge flaming flower. Beautiful how you captured that. You were lucky to get to that spot and angle!

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  6. Wow! This is magnificent. What a beautiful Architecture!
    In Romania, one of the most impressive Architecture can be found at Romanian Athenaeum. Look here:

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  7. This is a fabulous photo. 😀 I’m so glad you found me. I will gladly follow you. 😀

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  8. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    Absolutely gorgeous!

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  9. Stunning! The angle is perfect! You definitely have an artistic eye!

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  10. Stunningly Beautiful!!

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  11. Katie

    Makes me wanna visit the States. Amazing. 🙂

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  12. Absolutely amazing. Was trying to figure out where it was found until I read on the ceiling of the theatre. I live in a small village. There are some historic buildings preserved, but they don’t have a lot of art though.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    • Thank you! Yes it is on the outside ceiling where is the Box-office and main entrance. That’s why I wanted to make a post about my photo and some of the history of this theatre that worth to see! Thank you always for your kind comments 🙂

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  13. Stunning!!! beautiful ❤

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  14. It’s magnificent indeed. Great job Carolina. A little surprise here from my end

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  15. wow cool image 🙂

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