Poetry – Crystals

Purple Flame Ring


translucent surface
of an inner energy

powerful light
radiating rays of depth
in the history of nature

sun reflection and donation
of universal love
for the humanity to hold

a cosmic revelation
sometimes unknown
like puzzle pieces to find
within our soul

awareness will come
with perception and feelings
love is power
light will shine


©Copyright Carolina Russo

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13 thoughts on “Poetry – Crystals

  1. An witness of universal history, including all the energy of nature. That is a beautiful poem. I love amethysts.

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  2. I think that you’re the only one who can make these beautiful gems into a beautiful poem. Simply lovely, Carolina!

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  3. Rita

    This is wonderful, Carolina. I really love it.

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  4. Just Plain Ol' Vic


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  5. Beautiful, Carolina. So much lies just beneath the surface – the power of stones runs deep 🙂

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  6. Beautiful! I lived near My Ida Arkansas which lays claim at being the largest crystal mining town in the states. I would take my children and we bought a day permit for $10 and we were given a map to where we could go mine or dig for our own. It was great fun and we saw some really big yellow and deep purple ones the size of cars! We could not mine those however we walked away with a nice size bucket of some awesome ones.

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  7. Mount Ida not my! Lol oops

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