Over the Hills…

Over the Hills


Over the Hills

Looking over the hills
I lose my sight in the beautiful horizon

the immensity of Mother’s nature
that I cannot hold

brings me back and lost
in memories of  beautiful places

so dear and
so far away
called home.


Copyright© Carolina Russo

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27 thoughts on “Over the Hills…

  1. Awh… missing home? But at the same that poem radiates so much gratitude and appriciation. A wonderful reflection for the end of the year.

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    • Thank you Erika and yes it is a reflection of gratitute and of course my family is in Italy and Holidays make us feel more the missing! 😉

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      • I remember when I thought about it while in Buffalo….we are appreciating things we took for granted. But those ‘normal’ things we miss most.

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      • Oh yes you totally right!

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      • Since you are feeling that after so many years I think it might never subside completely. It is a part of who we are, part of a history we carry in our hearts.

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      • Yes I know he will never subside no matter where you are! Could be the most beautiful place on the planet but the feeling of our roots will always show up and of course because my close family is there! I have wonderful memories that I will never forget of my Holidays growing up and isnt easy to recreate them here the same way my mother did. I wish I could for my daughter I do my best though ❤

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      • What your mother created for you is in your and her memories. But your daugher and you create your own memories. She doesn’t know yours, she only knows hers. As far as I know you, Carolina, you are an amazing mom, encouraging, inspiring, innovative, with your face towards the sun. You did/do so much with/for your daughter. The jewelry and all your artwork is something that creates amazing memories for your daughter. You carry your home in your heart and so will your daughter carry hers. You live at a beautiful place and she will treasure that all even more when she will look back one day. It’s all well, Carolina!

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      • Thank you so much Erika your are beautiful words and I love them from you! Thank you for be a wonderful friend I treasure your friendship so much! ❤

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      • Thank you for your wonderful friendship. I treasure it so much too! Enjoy the last hours of the year to the fullest and create beautiful memories together with Neriah. Big hugs to both of you 💖💖

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      • Thank you same to you and your family! ❤ wishing a wonderful 2016 filled with lots of love and light!

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      • 😘💖

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  2. So so lovely!! I can 100% relate! 💖😊

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  3. Beautiful! I bet you miss your home.

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  4. Reblogged this on My Daily Musing and commented:
    The beautiful picture set this lovely poem off.

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  5. This is so beautiful sis.

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