And Featured is….

Possum Ergo Facit

Possum Ergo Facit

Nick Verron


And today FEATURED is….Nick Verron  he would be on my sidebar widget for this week!


Photo Credits BBC

Photo Credits BBC read the article about Nick here!

dreamsToday I am more than happy actually I am truly honored to be able to introduce a freshly new Blog and Feature here on a Hero like Nick.

Someone that I admire and consider a great example and an amazing Soul. Nick is conquering his journeys pushing himself to the limits, turning his life upside down after it was almost taken away from him.
Having hope and believing that “Dreams can come True” .
In 2009  Nick was left for dead, stabbed through the brain in an unprovoked attack that caused his life to change. My followers maybe remember my mention about this when few weeks ago I featured Sue Vincent which is Nick mother. I was so touched when several months ago I came across Nick story and miraculous journeys, how he is overcoming the result of this horrible attack that influenced his life. Nick was told that recovery was unreal and that he would never walk again and be independent. This year Nick participate to a Triathlon race and archived many other great things.


Walking again!

The immense strength, determination and will power he has is an amazing message of Hope and to “Never give up” because dreams can come true if you truly believe in it.  Congratulations Nick for all your achievements and for being what you are! Thank you for giving us an amazing message and great inspiration.

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(Please Nick grab this Badge and post it somewhere on your Blog to remember this Feature!

A reblog of this post would be a plus!

Please if you havent already give a visit to Nick new Blog and be inspired reading his great posts!


Have a wonderful day!



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41 thoughts on “And Featured is….

  1. Rita


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  2. Great choice!!!!

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  4. Thanks for featuring an inspiring and amazing soul, Carolina! I will definitely check out his blog..

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  5. Wow. Such strenght. Am happy for Nick.

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  6. Nick sounds an inspiring man… Must pay him a visit and say hello… Love to you xxx barbara

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  7. Reblogged this on MariaJob and commented:
    I can’t begin to imagine what Nick must have gone through, Its however important to state the courage, strenght, love, determination that he has. I’m speechless. You are truly an inspiration for our world that has become inhumane. In your heart, lies the humanity the world seeks. Thank you Nick.

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  8. Congrats to Nick for being featured! I will go and check out his blog now! 🙂

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  9. Lovely choice Carolina. He is such an inspirational young man. 🙂

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  10. Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome awesome! and I never use the word awesome.

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  11. I’ve read a lot on his site. I’m an OT by trade and have worked with many TBI’s over the years. I’ve turned a couple of my higher level patients on to his story. He’s pretty friggin inspiring.

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  12. Reblogged this on Nick Verron and commented:
    I’m honoured 🙂

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  14. Reblogged this on Barrow Blogs: .

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  15. Awesome! will have to check his blog out 🙂

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  16. Great feature…and what a wonderful service you provide in featuring special bloggers. Thank you for following my blog!

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    • You’re welcome I am very happy that we follow each other I always love when I see you here on my Blog! Thank you I like my weekly Feature event is already more than 40 weeks I am doing this and we all came across amazing Blogs! 💖🎅🎄☃


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