Ocean Whispers…

“AMONG NATURE” Jewelry Collection 2015
Jewelry Inspired by Nature ©Design Carolina Russo

Fossil Seashells Necklace

Unique one of a kind Keepsake Jewelry
“Memories From the Ocean”

This ethnic necklace has a very unique double pendant created with silver plated copper wire, it can be made also in Sterling Silver. The wire and leather are wrapped together around the bigger fossil seashell, holding the second dangle  smaller piece. The leather cord  is adjustable in length through sliding knots and has two antiques wooden beads.  The unique pieces of Fossil Seashells were found by me on a beautiful Malibu beach in California. These pieces are one of a kind having different shapes and colors and no one is equal. During my journeys I found other beautiful stones and more fossil seashell pieces in different shape, size and thickness they are all part of my personal collection to use for my unique Custom jewelry designs.

Fossil Seashell Necklace

Ocean whispers…
I love to think that each seashell spent hundred years of life under the beautiful and deep blue waters of the ocean until the waves left them on the shore for me to find and infuse with my Art. When I create my jewelry I feel fortunate that, I can bring these seashells back to shine in a new beautiful life, this time it is outside the water and for us to admire and treasure them like a precious gift from Nature.

Malibu Zuma Beach -CA

All my Jewelry Designs are single pieces created to have a life and standing on their own beautifully in their unique and unexpected combination of natural elements. My work is made as Custom Order can be purchased and Ordered here on this Blog or on my Etsy Shop.

I also accept custom orders creating a “Keepsake Memories Jewelry” a design piece with your own special memories or found objects in nature or not. If you are interested don’t hesitate to Contact me ✿⊱

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and as always I love to read your precious comments!
Thank you for sharing my Art!




“Keepsake Memories Jewelry” Design
©Copyright Carolina Russo

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13 thoughts on “Ocean Whispers…

  1. Rita


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  2. Your description of the life of the seashell is as beautiful as the new life that you’ve given it. Well done, Carolina!

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  3. Neat! 😀

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  4. That is a beautiful shot of the beach. I find I am more drawn to the texture of the sand than the water itself… I love it.

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