Watercolors from Nature…

Flowers from Nature
NATURE it is so precious!

Today I will share how I painted those beautiful flowers using some of the most vibrant and pigmented colors found in “Nature”. I always like to experiment new ways to use colors. This time I wasn’t thinking to paint anything, I had no plan and no preparation it was late evening, but…when creativity strike you can’t miss the moment!
Few days ago I got some amazing “Dragon fruit” or also known as “Pitaya” it is a delicious and refreshing Tropical fruit that grows on several Cactus species and has great Health Benefits

Dragon Fruit

This fruit has beautiful colors on the outside skin, and rich magenta pigments inside or white.

Dragonfruit nature watercolor
The juice is a strong dye and it is perfect for painting, I used my 140 lb watercolor paper sketch book
and Aqua flo water filled brushes.

Dragonfruit pink Flower copy
I then decided that I needed a touch of yellow to combine with the Magenta and paint more flowers.
For the yellow color I used another powerful natural pigment found in nature.  I used Turmeric powder.
tumeric 2
Turmeric it is a root spice used for cooking.  I wanted to try out Turmeric powder for painting from a long time.
The yellow color is very rich and beautiful, I mixed a dash of powder with water and I painted.

Turmeric Flower
I am happy with the experiment of using natural pigments and how this little painting turned out.
If you paint I suggest you to try!

Flowers from Nature
A great thanks to Mother Nature!

All images and content Copyright© Carolina Russo All Right Reserved.

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52 thoughts on “Watercolors from Nature…

  1. That is amazing, Carolina. You created your own color box. And how beauitful and shining these colors are. Also it is simply a beautiful drawing!

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  2. I learned so much from this tutorial and the pictures are lovely. What a nice way to start my day. Thank you.

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  3. what a clever and effective idea Beautiful.

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  4. That’s a refreshing experiment with natural pigments in water colour painting, Carolina. The flowers are naturally beautiful, all. The juice and turmeric have joyfully teamed up to nourish your creativity…best wishes.

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    • Thank you Raj I love to experiment new ways in my art and creativity. This time I was inspired by the colors we have in nature creating with what we have around us! I am happy you like it! 😉

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  5. Dragon fruit and turmeric – how lovely! Blooming with nature in more than one way. xoxoxo

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  6. this is amazing, I had no idea this could be done with fruit juices and root. You are amazing, beautiful work, Carolina!

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  7. Carolina WOW wow! That is just brilliant and so beautiful, and so inspiring I love to try this in the Art school for kids, for they will go “bananas” and so will i (of course)

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    • Yay! Magny that would be a very cool idea! I am glad you are inspired! It was really fun for me to do it when I saw the high pigmented juice from the dragon fruit I first ate it 🙂 then I couldn’t pass the beautiful color I just wanted to see how it was on paper and I started to paint is Beautiful!!! 😉

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  8. Oh my goodness, you are a gem!! This is so beautiful. I want to be in your home painting with you xx

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  9. Beautiful and creative!

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  10. What a good idea – it worked so well (and you obviously had fun)! Thanks for sharing the idea. 🙂

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  11. wafflemethis

    This is beautiful Carolina, such ingenuity to use the colours nature gave us and such a amazing piece of artwork☺

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  12. The result is stunning.

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  13. Awesome!

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  14. Reblogged this on YesterdayAfter and commented:

    Today I like to reblog this post I wrote time ago and I hope that you enjoy it! And to all the Artists that love to paint I hope that you are inspired to try out this because it was a nice fun for me with a lovely outcome!


  15. Very Creative Caroline..
    You don’t surprise me, I always knew you were huge with your art.
    Thanks for sharing something new to me.

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  16. Reblogged this on Br Andrew's Muses and commented:
    My mother told me never to play with my food – but paint with it – there’s an idea 🙂

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