Digital Art – When Nature Meets Humans – Portrait #3

When Nature Meet Humans - Portrait #3 Silver Wave

When Nature Meet Humans – Portrait #3 Silver Wave


“WHEN NATURE MEET HUMANS” Digital Portraits Collection
Portrait #3 – Silver Wave –

Today is time for another digital creation that I want to share with you, it’s another new Portrait added to this Collection. This is Portrait #3 Silver Wave.
This is a a black and white portrait created with black and white photos only. While editing I was able to archive a magical golden lighting creating beautiful shades  it is lovely how it turned out I am very happy with it. This was a great experiment to work on.
I like to continually evolve with my Art and creativity. From years I love to work in Digital finding new ways of visualize and learn while experimenting. I like to work with photos, manipulating images of any kind. I often post my Digital Art .  I made a new gallery for the “Nature Meet Humans Portraits Collection” you can see it here. When I am not working on my Jewelry Designs, and when I am not holding a pencil or a brush, I love to go Digital and Photoshop is my ally. I am using Photoshop from years, for me there are not other software to really compare with, I am so amazed all the time of what I am able to create with it.
I am very excited and inspired to work on this Collection of Artistic and one of a kind Digital Portraits, thanks to all of you for leaving me great feedback and comments. I really appreciate all the encouragement. This portrait it is the #3 of this Collection, I gave it the title “Silver Wave” and to create it I used 2  beautiful photos found over internet on Pinterest  the images used are not my own Photography (I apologize but haven’t found any names to give Credits).

I came with this idea to mix nature with humans and create a unique and very different kind of portraits…let’s say very unusual portraits with all my experience, Art and soul into it.

If you’re interested in purchase a custom and unique portrait like this one using your own personal photos, I can create your personal and unique custom Digital Art Portrait, for info and details please contact me.

As always I love to know your opinion!



Important Note: I respect all the Rights and Copyrights. Credits for the photos used to create this portrait goes to their owners. The finished portrait created as result of blending and layering the photos used it is my Digital Artwork and has my Copyright© Carolina Russo.
Please do not use this image on websites, blogs or any other media without my explicit permission.

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40 thoughts on “Digital Art – When Nature Meets Humans – Portrait #3

  1. Wow, Carolina!!! Wow!!! That is stunning! I love it.

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  2. stunning xo very artistic, creative and original

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  3. wow! that’s so stunning!

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  4. Actually, this portrait looks very much alive. Stunning artwork!

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  5. How beautiful. I love this 🙂

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  6. Very pretty!

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  7. You outdid yourself with this one. It is stunning!!

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  8. Oh WOW , It is so beautiful I absolutely love your work, it’s so so so beautiful and I love the relaxing feeling i get. Quite amazing !

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  9. wafflemethis

    Utterly beautiful☺

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  10. Gorgeous! Thanks and congrats.

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  11. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

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  12. Oh I love this! You are fantastic Carolina! 💖💖💖

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  13. Reblogged this on Souldier Girl and commented:
    Her art leaves me speechless- please visit Carolina ❤️

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    Fabulous lost for words


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