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Jewelry Design – Purple Flame Amethyst Ring

Purple Flame Amethyst Ring
Purple Flame Amethyst Ring

I am introducing my new Design a beautiful Statement Ring created for the

“Among Nature” Jewelry Collection 2015
Purple Flame Amethyst Ring

This ring is only made as one of a kind due to the different colors, shapes and sizes of the Amethyst stones each stone is different and each ring design would be created following the unique gemstones natural shapes.
Custom Order avaiable for more details contact me 🙂

Purple Flame Amethyst Ring
Purple Flame Amethyst Ring
Purple Flame Amethyst Ring
Purple Flame Amethyst Ring

Have a wonderful day!

13 thoughts on “Jewelry Design – Purple Flame Amethyst Ring”

      1. You did take a look? That’s cool, thank you! I am glad you liked what you read so far. On the weekend I prepared the mail for some publishers for my new book. Another new adventure 😃

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      2. Yes I was looking at some pages and yes now I want to read it all…lol I was at Barnes & Noble few days ago I wanted to see the book but it says online when I made a search on the computer 🙂 good luck for the new one I am glad you wrote to some publishers…


  1. gorgeous amethyst jewelry! you do wonderful work 🙂 I have hundreds of these, amethyst, garnet, lapis, stones sitting here, but my hands now just can’t do it!! tempted to just GLUE them LOL

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      1. I do! and it makes me wish, for more time and energy to do it too LOL what I need to do, is just send these stones to a jeweler and have them do what i want. and get some of them done! but, then I get busy… 🙂

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