From wire to a Ring

Silver wire

Wire & Ring2

Rose Quartz ring1 copy

Rose Quartz ring3 copy

Rose Quartz ring2 copy It is amazing what is possible to create with just a wire, without fire, without soldering, when I start a design most often I just get inspired by the gemstones and their shape. I let my creativity and inspiration guide my hands while manipulating the silver wire, wrapping and twisting it around the stones and be able to create beautiful jewels. I am very proud of this ring it is really beautiful on the finger, it a statement ring showcasing a faceted Rose Quartz and smoky Crystals it is one of my favourite rings I made recently for my “Among Nature Collection” I have one myself and when I wear it around I get a lots of compliments, so that alone make me proud of this wonderful piece of wearable Art.

I accept custom orders for this piece, it would be made in Limited Edition and each one would be slightly different to one another, to keep limited reproduction unique and as one-of-a-kind. I wont make many of them 🙂 don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!
For more please visit my ETSY shop

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25 thoughts on “From wire to a Ring

  1. Then it’s like music – sometimes the music writes itself. In this case, part of the creation is inspired by the creation itself. Beautiful work, Carolina!

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  2. It’s beautiful!

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  3. That’s another beautiful piece. I go with what Rob said. It is a crative process of constant inspiration like music. I experience this too while working on my songs. Also I love how you display your art.

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    • Thank you Erika! Yes it is a crative process of constant inspirationI Rob is right just like music in a way! I am very happy that you like the way I display my art, your opinion means a lot to me! 🙂

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      • Awh, thank you, Carolina! That humbles me. My father owned a jewelery next to a finance company. I did part of my apprenticeship in the jewelery and helped out during Christmas and other occasions. I learned a lot about diamonds, pearls, precious metal, and lots more. That’s why I might even look at your creations with a different mind. I love them!

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      • Beautiful Erika! So you were another beautiful sparkling and shiny gem in your father jewelry store I am sure you were great there with your personality! 🙂 Jewelry design is one of my specialization at the Art School beside Design 🙂

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      • I tried to do my best, but honestly… I did not feel well. That was still a time I was very insecure and shy and serving people wasn’t comfortable for me. Actually I was the chief-secretary in the finance company. I liked that more… although very challenging in many other ways… 😉

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      • Yes I agree! You are a creative spirit… like me. I left my good corporate job in Italy where I was in a office I was duing my job greatly but it wasn’t what I am created to do for! I left to create my own business there before I came here in US! 🙂 free spirit right…lol 🙂

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      • The most wonderful thing: Living your dream!!! 😀

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      • Yes! Never give up on that! 🙂

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      • Never ever 😃

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      • ❤ 🙂 ❤

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  4. I do like you art !

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  5. Reblogged this on Reflections of the Heart and commented:
    Such intricate detailed work. Amazing!

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  6. Oh I am loving this Carolina! I was checking out your etsy shop and just am amazed and inspired by your talent. Do you have any pictures with you wearing the ring? I can email you if that’s easier :)) sooo beautiful!

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